All lawyers of Caland are experienced litigators.

Apart from the ‘regular’ proceedings before the civil or administrative court, we specialize in:

  • arrest and enforcement
  • preliminary defenses (a.o. regarding proof / discovery)
  • injunction proceedings
  • preliminary examination of witnesses and/or expert evidence including obtaining River Scheldt radar recordings
  • (challenge of) jurisdiction and disputes on lis pendens
  • Rhine shipping proceedings (before the Rhine shipping courts)
  • arbitration, f.e. NAI, UNUM (previously called TAMARA), Fenex etc
  • limitation proceedings (including establishing of funds, verification of claims etc)
  • proceedings regarding general average
  • defense and assistance against investigations by the authorities, such as police, MCA, Dutch Safety Board etc
  • defense (if necessary with the assistance of external experts) in case of administrative and/or criminal prosecution in the field of collision or similar (maritime) casualties, and in case of (alleged) violation of the ADN (regulations for transport of hazardous goods)
  • defense in disciplinary proceedings before the Dutch Board of Shipping, and
  • defense in administrative and criminal tax law proceedings, f.e. defense against excise claims