Transport and logistics

Caland Advocaten has the expertise to deal with various matters on all transport modalities. Cargo claims, disputes about freight, but also issues that occur in and around the port such as demurrage claims, damage at the terminals, disputes on contamination, damages with loading and unloading operations, storage and transshipment.

Indispensable for the transport of goods are the logistical service providers such as freight forwarders and customs agents, but also suppliers of ship utilities are part of Caland’s clientele.

The lawyers can assist its clients in procedural matters, about amongst others retention and pledge, but also in the more contractual field, for example for the drafting of logistic agreements such as service level agreements or a distribution agreement. The lawyers can edit the contracts, advise on them, negotiate on the client’s behalf or assist at a distance.

Specific areas

  • Sea transport
  • Road transport
  • Inland shipping
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Freight forwarding
  • Storage
  • Terminal (operations)
  • Equipment: sale and lease
  • Distribution agreements
  • Transport agreements (AVC / CMR)
  • Demurrage and freight