Insurance and Recourse

Caland has extensive legal and practical knowledge of insurance law.

This comprises, first of all, general insurance law and its doctrines of (non) disclosure, insurance fraud, prescription of claims, renewal, subrogation, coverage exclusions and limitations, expiry and warranty clauses and standard terms and conditions of insurance.

We particularly focus on the special insurances in our field of expertise such as insurance in maritime and inland shipping (hull & machinery, P&I, Builders’/Construction Risks, charterers’ liability).

Furthermore, we can assist and advise regarding (international) commercial insurance, such as cargo insurance, property and land-based equipment, as well as the various relevant types of liability insurance, a.o. professional liability, carrier’s liability, liability for hazardous goods, D&O liability and product liability.

A large part of our activities consists of recourse actions for insurers and defence in recourse claims.